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Dear visitors,

to date we reconstructed and newly built large cellar labyrinth. The cellars are interconnected and measures almost 145 meters. With a total area of 295 square meters occupy 2/3 of the area under our area.

The cellars have a capacity of about 35,000 bottles of wine, are now filled with more than 2/3 full. For an annual fee you can rent your cubicle or small wine box lockable stylish bars. The grille will be labeled with your name or company name and receive a key to the metal tagged and labeled cubicle. This enables you to establish your own wine shop in ideal storage conditions.

sklep uvalysalonek uvaly

Believe me, invite friends or business partners at a wine tasting from his cubicle has an unmistakable charm for all involved. As a bonus, owners of leased larger booths offer a 20% discount on other services. Check with us about the possibilities of renting a selection of wines suitable for archiving (see services sommelier) We will help you.

vinne koje pronajemvino valentova

At present you our underground spaces provided:

  • separately lockable storage - about 10,000 bottles (2015 cast)
  • 6 large breastfeeding - each about 3,000 bottles (there are 2 open compartments)
  • 140 from the separate smaller breastfeeding connected to three - about 40 to 120 bottles (20 breastfeeding free

How to Archive wine?

Ideal space for storing wine is of course a wine cellar. The temperature to about 11 ° C, also dark and humidity around 65% frenetic. This is in addition without large fluctuations. Wine bottle should lie, when storing wine is to be cork still submerged and thus prevent its drying. Still wet cork ensures that the maximum prevent access of oxygen, which would result in oxidation of wine, and therefore its devaluation.

In the case of archiving wines we mean saving it for years to decades, with the aim of archiving is not only preserve its taste, but far more of its maturation. So to speak properly archived wine matures, its taste and aroma is fuller, rounder and more harmonious. Also, not every wine is suitable for archiving. Partly it depends on the variety of wine. Suitable for archiving seems varieties such as Pinot Noir, St. Laurent, Cabernet Sauvignon or Zweigeltrebe of red wines. For white wines, then Riesling, Riesling, Chardonnay or Pinot Gris need. The long-term archiving of course, is more appropriate to choose the wines.

Prices for renting the cellar with us are very good, ranging from CZK 600 for smaller cubicle with a capacity of about 100-150 bottles up to 4.000 CZK/ month for the largest space. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, we will assist with hiring as cubby and a selection of wines suitable for archiving both Moravian and foreign.

We look forward to your visit


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