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In wine there is truth. And work!

Many times, we lift a glass and say that ordinary sentence - on health, mostly just toast wine, noble drink, which history counts millennium.

Young, nice blonde joined her life with wine for more than fifteen years ago. From Klášterec nad Ohri went to study winemaking Middle School in south Moravia Valtice, Department of Horticultural Products Processing graduated in nearby Lednice Agricultural High School. To the north of Bohemia never returned, her home became a wine region under Palava. Ing. Daniela Valentová is a sommelier and wine merchants. Her presentation of wines leave no doubt that the wine means a wine that works around her love life.

Why did you decide to study winemaking school, so far from home?

Just when I was deciding which school to choose, was a television in the former club of young reportage from Valtice high school. Students sat on barrels and tasted the wine. It felt me amazing. My dad too.

 Ing. ValentováIng. Valentová

When you understand what it takes to grow quality grapes and make them a good wine?

It is about wine toil, I realized soon. As students, we took care of the vineyards that belonged to the school. We learned firsthand all work with the vineyard and wine production related and we met them in a larger degree. Really good wine, however, I saw up with a friend in the wine cellar of his parents when I was seventeen.

Since when can the students at the school wine tasting?

Of course officially until eighteen, but of course we are "tasted" from the beginning of studies unofficially. You could say that in school. I can not say I had wine and understand his philosophy. I understood the technology of wine, I knew how to take care of the vineyard. But I did not know anything about the soul of wine.
After graduation, I enrolled at the Agricultural College in Lednice.

When I left home to Valtice, I wanted to get a high school diploma, I had no ambition to study high. I went home in North Bohemia. There I learned that my wine region is missing. The whole year I was therefore hard preparing for entrance exams and received me.

After five years, you become an engineer agriculture, but when you are "in love" into wine?

I have to admit that it happened after graduating from college. I'm still around wine somehow just passed. The turning point came when I about a year after graduation started to join the company Mikros-vin Mikulov. There I met Mr. engineer Josef Peřina. He knows about wine just about everything. It comes as I do from the Bohemia, and when I boarded there, he toured with me all the vineyards. In the cellar he gave me wine tasting so good that I had no idea that such a thing could exist. And he told about wine. Interestingly narrated with such love and humility that I remained standing with his mouth open. Until then, I was like most graduates feel that I am world champion, everything that I know. Next to him, I knew that all need to just learn. Thanks to him, I realized that I want to learn a lot and that I would like to learn. That's when I began to suspect that wine - it is not just a product of grapes, the wine is a philosophy, the wine has a soul. A wine that reflects the soul of the character of those who work with him.

In our work, we meet with a lot of winemakers. Who do you think is a good winemaker?

A good winemaker is the one who is not just a wine producer, but who understood the importance of a quality, not quantity. It is he who prefers biology chemistry before. Good winemakers are doing to produce wine with a fruity, spicy, the highest stage of honey flavor. Most importantly, the wine was healthy.

You've built a picturesque area for wine lovers wedded accommodation, wine cellars, restaurant, etc .. Here, however, are traditionally presented wines from across South Moravia - only your .. It is quite unusual .. After graduation, I presented first for the already mentioned Mikros- vin, and then I worked for several years for Ing. Milos Michlovský, Ph.D., one of our leading winemakers.

South Moravia there are not only these companies. After some experience, then, what I was probably in this area have already learned something, I came to the conclusion that I want to choose wines that I represent or sell. The scale winemakers here is wide. I wanted to combine the presentation of wine with agrotourism. Our viticultural area is located in Úvaly at Valtice, right on the wine-bike path, which is the perfect combination of tourism between vineyards and learning about wine and I do not only offer their own wine !! I would like to show our visitors the best cross-section of what I did for them in Moravia tasted and selected .. And if in this comparison, our wines stand, leave them:-)

In your profession you are setting frequently abroad. Which of foreign wines you've recently attracted the most?

Certainly I was intrigued by Chilean wines. Their red wines are thicker, heavier. They are different from the Moravian red wines. They carry just more sun. I recently visited Tuscany, where I again found many interesting red wines. If you looked crisp white wines, you will find is definitely in Austria. Of course I'm trying to have a good grasp of foreign production, but I want to present to our customers Moravian wines.

I come from Northern Bohemia, I know there a lot of beautiful nooks and I go there to visit her parents. But I loved region under Palava, I feel at home here. Soul Moravian wines reflect the character of local winemakers. I believe that the soul, because I met an honest character of those who are here dealing with wine.

Come to us to relax and taste our wines:-) Have a nice day wish you Daniela


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