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Wineries Ing. Valentová is a young company, founded in 2007 by known sommelier in Úvaly Ing. Valentová. After studying oenology at university in Lednice she gathered several years of valuable experience in renowned wineries such as Mikrosvín or Miloš Michlovský. By far the most affected by the professor Kraus and Ing.Peřinou olders, whose careful student of and collaborator has been for several years.

Since 2007, Ing. Valentová engaged in public education in the winery and tasting both in private and in the commercial sector. Our clients include most successful companies from the Czech and Slovak Republic. Over the years, we have succeeded in Úvaly at Valtice build a combination of ancient wine cellars extensive underground labyrinth and over them area with accommodation designed for our "wine lovers".

  vino valentova

The company currently has vineyards on a beautiful position under Reistna in Valtice area but insufficient for our needs. We went through a long-term cooperation, therefore, with a few exceptional wine growers of traditional family company in the Mikulov region who, during the processing of grapes and care Vine wine utilize the latest knowledge of science and at the same time provide us with a framework for continued oversight of the production process of our wines. Ing. Valentová prides itself on its personal approach and so our work is supported by the love of the craft gives rise to wines with unique character. Most of the vineyards from which comes our grapes are sunlit all day long, rocky limestone loess give them a distinctive character and in particular the use of the best technology with minimal interference in the maturation process gives us the ability to offer you a unique wine, nontraditional opportunities.

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Every year thus arise under the baton of "Daniel" wonderful and harmonious wines of South Moravia, full of youth and freshness. Our small series achieve a maximum 700-1000 bottles variety that can not be purchased elsewhere than here in Valtice. We pride ourselves therefore to a certain exclusivity for our customers. Newly we offer you the opportunity to purchase via e-shop, even though we still prefer your visit with us at Villa Daniela - Country estate wine lovers. Just enjoy the peace and experience today uncharacteristic calm amid the vineyards of South Moravia .. Our wine cellars are situated on an area of about 300 square meters with a capacity of about 30,000 bottles. They dug in clay with perfect insulation and a constant temperature of 8-12 ° C. An old cellar is between two and three hundred years ago. The cellars are excavated from "below" without artificial isolation and yet maintain perfect atmosphere suitable for archiving wine red and white. In our trespasses, visit minimal amounts of sulfur.

In the coming years, we intend to grow only slowly so we do not compromise on the current high standard processing premium grapes on attributive wine and we intend to continue to emphasize the potential of reduced harvests and continuous improvement of technology for the processing of grapes and wine production. We only bottled wines that are primarily intended to end customers mainly because we maintain excellent feedback from you - wine lovers, we care about primarily !!

Wir sprechen Deutsch. We speak english.

We look forward to your visit.

Venkovské sídlo milovníků vína.

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