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production room of our wine cellar was the year written on the main beams, which is easily accessible to visitors, built LP , 1905. However, it is beyond doubt that the wine cellar there was already a century before. First there were always dug cellars were built over them only light shelters and later "stone" mill. Indeed, the first written mention of the fact that in the Mikulov grown wine, dates back to the first quarter of the 13th century during the colonization Lichteštejns. Interesting are the old basement vault. Their oldest foundations are made of flat limestone, later vaulted brick. As preserved, the postwar reasons (see History Úval), too old documents, information about the cellar from earlier years are limited.


Historie Sklep ÚvalyHistorie Sklep Úvaly


During the works were rediscovered and repaired vaults on adjacent farm buildings (see gallery), which after the war were embedded in concrete and now manually cleaned and renovated.

For repair was used exclusively to original materials to the old beams, at least 100 years old brick, sandstone, limestone, oak barrels.

Vaulted wood ceilings and oak floors were built from used wine barrels. All our original and finished basement hallways were dug inside a material has been manually transported to a place and out.


Historie Sklep ÚvalyHistorie Sklep Úvaly


On the construction of wine boxes and breastfeeding are used only natural materials (stone, solid wood) and manual masonry, carpentry and blacksmith work. Our cellars are now interconnected and cover 2/3 of the area. Passageways and wine boxes have a total length of almost 145 m, the total area is 295 m2.

In a brief summary, we will try to outline the scope and difficulty of building restoration and construction of basements, which carried a handmade from original contemporary practices. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the construction of the basement.


  • were exported about 2,000 tons of soil
  • purchased about 450 pallets !!! old, manually cleaned bricks character
  • ie approx. 120,000 bricks from thirteen dismantled the old building - an old barn, farmhouse Pohořelice, castle wall Valtice, from Rakvice buildings, buildings from Perna from p.Zahradníčka, from Brno - a former heating plant Cejl, the former site of Wanieckovy factory in Brno the former sugar from Ořechov u Brna, from Zidenice, Hradek u Hevlín of Lednice from p.Kobzy
  • sandstone from Ostroměř of Hradec Kralove 50 pallets
  • used wine barrels on the floors and vaulted ceilings of about 18 pc in volumes from 6-45hl
  • on hand-hewn tables and benches at the mill was used dried linden wood
  • Blacksmith at work in the whole area of Mr. Happy from Brno and Mr. Podškupky from Rakvice
  • Almost all work on the construction of cellars with wine and oil mills drove Mr. Ulrich Michlovský from Rakvice, without whose thoughts and feelings for such a thing would hardly intention originated

Venkovské sídlo milovníků vína.

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